purdyr 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

if i pay the 7-900$ a year, and i create several data models, how do i share with my coworkers or boss or VP? do they get a login and all of us can use it for that price? or i am assuming only i have edit access and i can create a pdf or some kind of view and email it to coworkers/boss/vp?  can u help me understand this? thank you

in a perfect world, i'd like to pay the price for me to create data models and allow others to only "view" my data model but not get charged. is this possible?

ok, i looked some more at the website. we'd probably want the Premium version, 29$-ish a month, and i could create the db models and export to a PDF, and then i can save the PDF to our network for our team or other employees to view on how to interact with our data warehouse, right?