Add Materialized View option

marcOcram 9 years ago updated by Marcin Szuppe 6 years ago 1


I'm currently using PostgreSQL 9.4 as my DBMS and I would like to use the concept of materialized views (>= PostgreSQL 9.3). As there's no option to convert a view into a materialized view which I can fire as an after create statement, my only way to add a materialized view is to copy the created sql code, drop the view as an after create statement and create the exact same view as a materialized view.

So I'm suggesting a new view in form of a materialized view or some option to make a view materialized. This would be very helpful (at least for me).

I think, it is a good idea to add this feature to the system. I have to use materialized views in the project and thus there is an inconsistency between the model and real representation in database.