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My account is missing

Cielle Thiry-Hardenburg 5 лет назад обновлен Mariusz Zakrzewski 5 лет назад 1

Hi everyone! I haven't posted here before, but wasn't sure what else to do. It looks like my account on Vertabelo may have been deleted or otherwise discontinued without my permission. It should be under cielle@rover.com (per my employer's standards), but the website seems to believe there is no account under that email address. There have been multiple packages purchased on this account, but the only evidence I have of it ever existing is the SQL Basic certificate. Can anyone assist or has anyone experienced a similar issue?

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I can see there is an account with email 'cielle@rover.com' created via Google+ service.

Please login via Google+ on https://academy.vertabelo.com/#login


Mariusz Zakrzewski

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