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why should i upgrade my account if i am a student?

Natalia Górecka 5 лет назад обновлен Mariusz Zakrzewski 5 лет назад 2

I heard that being a student helps you to have more upgraded account than normal user. Though, i cannot do more references because it says i dont have upgraded my account. Could anyone tell me why is like that? I have a project to do for my university programme and they asured me it will be free and upgraded.

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Please create a new account here: https://my.vertabelo.com/sign-up/create-academic using your academic email address.

Then download your existing models as Vertabelo XML and import them in your new account.

Best regards,

Mariusz Zakrzewski 

If you already created an account using your academic email - please first download your models, then close that account, create new account as academic, and import your models.


Mariusz Zakrzewki

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