Wrong sign up option

Matthew Powell 8 years ago updated by Marco Sepp 6 years ago 8

I have signed up to vertabelo wrong, I was supposed to sign up through my University and use Vertabelo for education purposes only. However, i've signed up to a basic account and now I'm being asked to upgrade my account. Is there any way I can get my models from this account to a new account for academic purposes?

Under review

Hi Matthew!

Could you precise your request? Do you want us to switch your basic trial account to academic, or to move your models from your basic trial account to your academic account?


Thanks for the response. I have just changed my email address so that it is now with my academic email address rather than my personal one. Please could you switch my basic trial account to academic? Thanks.

No problem. Just let me know what your academic email address is.

My academic e-mail is m2074097@live.tees.ac.uk


I have just switched your account to academic. After logging in, you will be asked to complete the academic registration form.

Best regards and enjoy Vertabelo!

Hello! I have same problem. I registred my email as basic user. It must me @ttu.ee education account. Can you please help me out?