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Generate Rails migrations

Richard Grossman 9 ár síðan updated by Ahrefs Group Buy 1 ár síðan 4
Vertabelo would be a must-have for Rails projects if Vertabelo generated Rails migrations.
Under review
Some sort of migrations is on our roadmap but no specific dates have been set yet.

I will keep the issue open so the other users can upvote and comment of this feature.
The output format is pretty simple and the programmer can further edit it if they want to after the text is generated.

The hard part is that a migration should only include what has changed from the previous generate, and the programmer should be able to choose between generating a single migration for the last set of changes or generating one text file per table.  

It might be better or easier to generate the migration code for all changes since the last time migration code was generated, but let the programmer run "rails g migration mymigrationname" on their own machine to create an empty migration and then cut and paste the Vertabelo-generated code into the local migration fie.

It's been two years after this idea shared. Any updates? I'm looking for a tool to give me rails migrations...


We don't plan to provide such feature in the coming few months. For now, you can generate SQL migrations.