how to redeem bonus points?

A R 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 4

I have 102 points in my accounts. how can i redeem it to upgrade it to the premium plan.



I've reviewed your bonus points history and I'm really disappointed.

I have no doubt that all accounts created after your recommendation are dummy accounts - most of them has been closed soon after the creation, and as for the rest, there is no life and no models in them. Moreover, most of them are related to same persons: "sayantanmukherjee" or "roy.bikram" - with different email domains.

So I had to treat your entire recommendation activity as a fraud. In such cases we don't exchange bonus points. And for this reason I took back 102 bonus points from your account.

Please, don't do this again. If you want to earn 100 bonus points quickly and fairly, write and publish a review on Vertabelo, or recommend us in social media, or use Vertabelo as a data modeling tool in your blog articles.

hi jack,

sorry for this. I had a project that had to be done and my account would have been closed by the 5th of January. I was no where near done with my project. I apologize for what I have done. A lot of the accounts that I had recommended are actual accounts and they would active as all of them need it for their individual projects.

Again I apologize for this. If this is any consolation I really liked your tool and have also verbally recommended it to a lot of my friends.


Hi again!

You could just ask for extending your trial.

Anyway, I'm very impressed by your answer. In the past, we had some similar cases but no person apologized for cheating. Thanks a lot for that.

I've just extended your trial period till January 10, 2016.

Best regards and enjoy Vertabelo!


Thank you jack. It is very appreciated. I will send out the recommendations to other genuine accounts who are in need of this. Just hoping to repair the damage. Thanks.