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Adding rulers/guide lines to help with positioning elements

Eric Norcross 9 years ago updated by Jack Polkowski 9 years ago 3
For now, we have only a grid. There's no rulers or guide lines.

At the moment, the grid in Vertabelo shows page break preview only, according to the page size set in the properties. If you select "Show grid on diagram" checkbox, the lines will appear indicating how the working area will be divided into printout pages. This option is available in "Format" panel (on the right side) when no element is selected on the diagram.
It looks like this:

The grey lines are the "grid" in its current form.

We are aware that it isn't the grid you expected it to be. So we add this issue to our road map. According to that, the future grid will probably look as follows:

The solid grey lines are the grid, grey dashed lines mark subdivisions, and the red lines are the page break preview.

It is very likely that we'll also add "Snap to grid" option for better and more precise positioning.
Eric, since your post refers to the new feature, I'm changing its title from being the question to the statement. From now on, this is the new feature request, and you are awarded 10 bonus points for submitting it. You can check your bonus points balance in "My Account" panel (more info on Bonus Points Program). Thank you very much for your engagement in Vertabelo!