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Pattern for naming objects

Aleksandra Machewka 9 years ago updated by fed 4 months ago 3
It would be a handy feature to allow user to define patterns for default object names, eg. primary keys. Currently, PK is formed using pattern "{objectName}_pk". Such pattern could be defined by user, having access to variables like {objectName}, {objectNameSingular} (for objects named in plural form). For FK, source and destination object names could be accessible, so user can form default FK name as "FK_{sourceObjectName}_{destinationObjectName}". I'm aware, that this can be done via explicitly naming PKs and FKs, but such feature would be useful when model is big and many relations exist.
Under review
We've talked about it here in the team. For now, it's not on our roadmap. I will keep the thread open so that other users can upvote or comment about this feature.
Yes, there are several naming conventions, and I would love to just be able to select camelCase for my models.
This would be fantastic. Everytime I add an FK I have to rename it because I don't want table prefixes. It would also be cool to automatically add the primary key using a name pattern whenever I create a table.