Prepaid Code Purchase Destination

Kevin Huber 9 years ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 9 years ago 7
When I am on the pricing page and click the premium account pay per day link, it just takes me to one of my model's page. I want to pay money but can't!
Under review

You can buy Pay Per Use during registration only. We're working to give this option to existing users. If it is not a problem please sign up again and buy pay per use. PM me if it doesn't suit you.

I also want to do that. Can I export the model if I'm signing up as a new user for pay-per-use?

You can export models as a old user and import them as a new user. This is a temporary workaround.

PayPerUse purchase for existing users is on the QA stage right now. It will available in two weeks.
Ah perfect, I think I'll wait for that as it's simpler. And I'm not in that much of a hurry.

It's available already. Please go to "My Account", than click "Manage personal account plan" and finally "Buy code" button.