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Add ability to change color of table outline and it's foreign key references in other table

Daniel Arlitt 10 år siden opdateret af Asim Haque 6 år siden 4
It would be a useful feature if a user could select a different color outline for certain tables in their diagram that have a lot of foreign keys in other tables, especially when reference lines start to overlap. This would help the user to identify all of the tables that reference the colored table and to easily identify if a foreign key reference is missing.
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I understand that you want the colors to be added automatically? There's no such feature in Vertabelo. We're thinking about adding some sort of view which would show a table and highlight the tables it is referencing. But it's an idea of a feature rather than a real planned feature yet. Would this sort of view meet your needs?

As of now, you can manually change the color of tables and reference lines in the Format section for each table/reference. 

If your diagrams are getting larger, you can use the Subject Area feature to organize the diagram. Here is a short feature overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a79nEA0FN1M
Along these lines, I would like to be able to change the color of a group of tables. In Data Vault I have Hub, Link, and Sat tables. If I could set all tables with a prefix of Hub_ to blue, etc. that would be great. Or have a way to categorize the tables and assign the color to the category so when I build a new table, I pick the vategory and the color, font, etc are automatically apploed.
Actually, this is one of the features we're thinking about right now. We're still discussing the priorites for the coming months so we can't promise any dates.

You can create a new idea in the forum so that other users can upvote. The more votes a feature gets, the higher priority it gets in the development.

is there some way i can change the color of a column in a table. Basically to indicate that column8 to column20 are part of a later release or phase 2. 

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