Option to hide all references and leave only tables displayed

Patrick Otin 9 aastat tagasi uuendaja Gabe Gates 9 aastat tagasi 2
My model is huge and it consists of over 100 tables and twice as more references. The jungle of lines was very confusing for me. Therefore, I deleted all references and used table colors, sizes and positions, as well as subject areas to visualize the structure of my database.
It would be great for me if Vertabelo had an option allowing user to hide all references without deleting them.
The other idea is to allow user to hide all references and show only these ones which are associated with the currently selected table. If no table is selected, all references are hidden but when the cursor is over the table, all references associated with that table are being displayed in gray. If user selects the table, all these references (associated with the table) are shown in normal color (black).
This would be a great improvement, I am currently working with a lot of tables which have been organized into areas. I have created shortcuts of tables within these areas to be able to encapsulate references within the area. But the references are still shown to the original. This looks messy. I wish to hide these references. As a workaround I change the line color to white for the references I wish to hide