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how can i show cardinality in the model. I can only see min and max on one side of the relationship.  Example: ||-----|< as oppose to  |-----|<

Thank you,
Thanks for your help. I understand everything you said.  But what i am referring to is the representation in the model. The high and low cardinality only shows up on one side of the relationship. So like this |-------|<     instead of ||--------|<.

You get what I am saying?
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You can change cardinality (the upper green arrow) and you can make a reference mandatory (lower green arrow).  Clicking on "Mandatory" checkbox will change the other side of reference.


Yes I get it.

We support variant of crow feet notation (used by PowerDesigner for example). We've got a plan to support other notations but I can't tell you when it will be available. 

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