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Markemark 10 years ago updated by Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 9 years ago 2
When trying to find answers, the knowledge base is very very very sparse !!!!
And when trying to find information its not clear, if you want information you cannot ask in the knowledge base, you search, nothing is found, and thats it.

You have to realise you have to go to General to actually ask a question.

Can I suggest you let people know this to make it easier.

Under review
Well, you're right, the knowledge base is very poor now. We explain some of our features, problematic topics and good practices on our blog but they're not linked in the 'Knowledge base'. We'll need to work on this.

Thanks for sharing your remarks. I'll leave the topic open - we're open to the discussion and encourege everyone to share the thoughts with us.
We have just enhanced our knownledge base section.