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Inviting students in a class

Michael Pangburn 9 років тому оновлено Jack Polkowski 9 років тому 1


I would like to invite students in a class I am teaching, so we can interact using Vertabelo. At the time I created my account, I was asked to input a list of student email addresses, if I had such a list. At the time I did not have the list, but now I do. However, I can no longer find or access the form that asked me to input the list of student email addresses. Is there a way to do so after creating my account?

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Hi, you can use the "Recommend us" option that you can find in the top menu. Unfortunately, this way you can send one invitation at once.

If you have many students, I recommend sending them emails with the following address:


Note that an academic account is not a team one, so you can't add other persons to join your account. You can only share models with other users. You can also send invitations to share your models to persons who don't have their Vertabelo accounts yet.

After your students sign up for their academic accounts, they can create new database models basing on your guidelines, and then they can share these models with you. You will be able to observe changes and evaluate these models. You can also comment on diagrams placing text notes next to the database objects you want to comment. And remember that one model can be shared by many users so several students can work in one group designing a single model, and you can watch them developing it.

In the nearest future, we will release the feature allowing users to send more than one recommendation at once. Many lecturers asked for that and we know we must introduce it.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards and enjoy Vertabelo!