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Add user defined data types or domains

Robert Clark 8 years ago updated by Laiba Shahid 1 year ago 10

When creating our databases with thousands of fields we use domains / user data types. This allows us to use a specific defined data type, like "ID Key" for all primary keys, to ensure they are all uniformly the same data type. Additionally it would allow us to change the data types of all the fields that would apply without having to go to each field manually and changing it. This is a must for us to purchase a database modeling product.

Under review

Thanks for sharing your feature request.

Let's wait for comments and upvotes to see how important it is for others.


We also use to encapsulate sets of attributes for reuse and single point of maintenance


The use of domains and sets of attributes goes a long way towards minimizing the amount of effort involved in creating a model. "Enterprise Class" modeling tools I have used over the past two decades typically do this as core capability. Specific example is the inclusion of audit fields in a table structure. They tend to be the same fields/types each time and would be nice to simply include them via reference instead of having to manually add them each time. When you have hundreds of tables in your model that can become quite a burden.


I'm also for this feature; it is extremely helpful when you have dozens of tables, all sharing pretty much the same types of fields.


When modelling and building databases that must execute on different database engines, this is a must.


This feature could be very useful in any real database development. It could be even better if the fields based on a "custom type" are colored in any way, to be easily filtered and noted


I'm circling back to see if this is a consideration test (2 years later).  We would definitely use your product, but without domain datatypes it's show stopper.  The domain data types ensure that similar items like addresses, names, codes, etc. have the same data types and are consistent across the database.


It's now been three years and this is the highest voted option.  Power Designer, ERwin, Toad Data Modeler and others all support this capability.  I really like Vertabelo's product but without this, this is not an enterprise tool.  It's a must have for serious database development.


Still waiting.... four years and counting.  


It says a lot about Vertabelo when the most voted feature request sits for four years undeveloped.