Add missing postgresql column types

Andrew Smith 9 years ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 7 years ago 5

Trying to import an existing DB structure from PostgreSQL and the importer says that a number of columns are unsupported. Currently I've found TIMESTAMPTZ and TSTZRANGE (and it looks like none of the range types are recognised).

TIMESTAMPTZ seems to work within the editor, but trying to import from an SQL file that includes a column of that type fails and the rest of the table definition is ignored.



Fixed. It will be availabe on production next week.

Using TIMESTAMPTZ in a Postgres model, Vertabelo tells me that "Type is not supported by chosen database engine". If I ignore the warnings, the generated SQL is fine.



Oops. TIMESTAMPTZ works, but TIMESTAMPTZ(P) don't.

Thanks for a bug report. Fix will be available with the next production rollout.