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Option to change fonts used in diagrams

mark leavesley il y a 9 ans mis à jour il y a 9 ans 4
Can I change the font used in my model for something that is clearer at small sizes? As I zoom out the font degrades badly, as if it is a bitmap, rather than a small (vector) font. At 70% it's quite hard to read.
What kind of answer is that? Tough, we know it's bad and we can't/won't change it? Where's a competitor when you need one?
Note de satisfaction par mark leavesley il y a 9 ans
Sorry, there is no way to change a font. We're picked a most readable font. Please keep in mind if you have zoom at 70% letters are only 8px height. I know it's hard to read. I'm using mouse wheel to zoom in to make it more readable (yes, we're using Vertabelo to develop Vertabelo).
Mark, we don't say "no" to this feature. My suggestion is to change the category for your post from "Questions" to "Ideas" and treat it as a new feature request. You must know that we firstly develop these new features which are voted the most by our users. We've been getting a lot of requests on Support and via emails, and sometimes we have to set priorities by verifying how often a particular request is raised. Therefore, I'm changing your entry to "Ideas" and let the voting begin.
PS. You've got my vote.
OK, that's fine, please do that.