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Internal server error when importing SQL (format MySQL)

Laurent Cohen vor 5 Jahren aktualisiert von Adam Mościcki vor 5 Jahren 2

I have a file containing the following Tables :

CREATE TABLE dl_link_raw_dl_contact_id(
tgt_contact_id varchar(max),
src_contact_tech_id varchar(max),
src_contact_id_map_source varchar(max),
src_contact_id_map_company int,
src_contact_external_reference varchar(max),
src_contact_id_contact varchar(max),
src_contact_support varchar(max),
src_contact_forfait varchar(max),
src_sales_idclientind varchar(max),
top_casusage int
CONSTRAINT dl_link_raw_dl_contact_id PRIMARY KEY ( tgt_contact_id))

CREATE TABLE dl_link_raw_dl_salesdetails(
tgt_contact_id varchar(max),
src_id_purchase_detail varchar(max),
src_id_purchase varchar(max),
src_id_ski_pass varchar(max),
src_id_support varchar(max),
src_id_map_source varchar(max),
src_id_map_company int,
top_casusage int
CONSTRAINT dl_link_raw_dl_salesdetails_tgt_contact_id PRIMARY KEY ( tgt_contact_id))

I choose MY SQL and get ERROR:Internal server error

Find error.  varchar(Max) Not accepted. 
Problem fixed.