Diagram User Interface Improvements

Scott Brazier 5 years ago 0

I have been using Vertabelo for several months now, and have a few suggestions for improving the diagram interface:

  • Allow the diagram canvas to be resized - When I reverse engineered my data model, many tables were imported outside the canvas area and were hard to bring in (I had to zoom in, go to the canvas edge, then zoom out in order to see them). Once organized, the model is smaller than the canvas area, so I would like to decrease it for zoom and printing ease.
  • Increase the zoom out maximum from 25% - It is hard to navigate throughout the diagram since the screen cannot zoom out to display it in its entirety. This is especially problematic since the display area doesn't scroll when moving objects.
  • Enable automatic scroll when moving objects - When an object is dragged to the edge of the display area, the display area should shift so the object can continue to move. As it is, the user has to click and drag an object to the edge of the display, click the model to move the display area, and repeat as needed. 
  • Increase size of Area resize selection box - Areas can be resized by clicking and dragging the corner box. The corner box size is too small reliably click when zoomed out, which makes it difficult to resize on larger scales.