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lost tables and relationships

Joydeep Saha 4 years ago updated by Adam Mościcki 4 years ago 2


I worked for few hours this morning adding 3-4 tables and details and some more changes to the model. After a gap of 2 hours I came back to work and actually saved once manually as well. But for some reason I clicked on the back button of the browser and lost the work. Now if I even go back to an earlier version all of them showing me the same document.

Can someone suggest what can be the reason?




I have checked our logs and found that there occurred a few network connection failures while saving a model.

We need more information about the circumstances to investigate further.

1. Can you please provide the name of the model, which is affected

2. Do you use a laptop?

3. Which Operation System do you use?

4. Do you use a reliable network connection? Is it a WiFi or cable connection?

Some battery saving policies result in network errors. That is my hypothesis based on the information I have right now.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.