Not a bug

view column names not updating

Teresa Neal 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I am trying to create a view with columns that are the result of a sum statement.  For instance, when I add the code:

SELECT STATE, SUM(child_count) as Total_Children


group by STATE;

The Total_Children column does not auto_populate  the column name or data type when I choose to "update_columns".  

the column names come back as column_n and the datatype comes back as "unknown".

How do I make this work correctly so that I do not have to manually rekey every column?

Not a bug


Updating column types has some limits. Without a running database it's not possible to determine a function result type for given query. We've decided to put an "unknown" type here. It will shows up as an error and can be fixed by the human during design. Guessing a type may be a smarter solution, but it  can cause an error on production system.  

what about the column names?  They are not populated either