logical model XML does not validate against xsd

Alexander Haug 4 years ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 4 years ago 6

Please make sure that the Logical Model can be imported. It generates an xsd validation error since the xsd does not foresee a DatabaseLogicalModel. Weird, because you can export to XML.

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The XSD you used to validate the XML is not valid for logical models.
However, I confirm the import process is not working properly. It will be fixed in the next release (monday I believe)

Hope this helps,



We have fixed the issue, please try again.


Where can I find the XSD for logical models?

I want to import entities from business analysts by transforming from Excel to XML. Ideally I would use the API to create entities directly from the source but that doesn't seem to be in your backlog.

As the next best solution I want to use the Import function. For that I'd like to know the minimum supported XML structure accepted by Import without having to trail-and-error for days on end.

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi Mick,

XSD is not publicly available yet. Will check if we can publish it. 

What is an input format you've tying to import?