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Get Logical Model from API

Mikael COUMET 4 роки тому оновлено Mick Flynn 3 роки тому 4


we are using the API to extract schema information:


But it works only for Physical model, not Logical model.

Is there any way to get a Logical model from API ?

(Transform from Logical to Physical it's not acceptable for us but we will need to transform after each update)

Thank in advance,


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Right now, there is not.
We are going to extend our API. We will keep you posted.

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Any news on this?

In general it would be great to have the product roadmap published and regularly updated to see what features are on the way in so we can plan accordingly.

Hi Mikael.

We're working on documentation. There is a new way to fetch documents.

You can download a logical model as an XML file:

curl -H "Accept: text/xml" -u $VERTABELO_API_TOKEN: https://my.vertabelo.com/logical/model/MODEL_ID

This also works for physical model: 

curl -H "Accept: text/xml" -u $VERTABELO_API_TOKEN: https://my.vertabelo.com/model/MODEL_ID

Thanks Rafal, all of the calls worked with no need to a password :-)