Using Subject area in reverse engineering

Ashwini Bhoite 4 ár síðan updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 4 ár síðan 3

I have imported a large database into Vertabelo and would like to group tables in subject areas. I can see the options in Subject area we have are only for creating new tables. I am trying a tedious process of dragging tables into subject area in the workspace section manually but because the database has a lot of tables, it is geting more time consuming. Am I missing an easy way to add tables to Subject area during reverse engineering?

Under review

There is no option to group table in specific subject area with one click. 

Is there any way we can modify the xml such that when we inport, the model is already grouped in subject areas?


Subject Areas are designed  for a "forward engineering  workflow" in mind. Reverse engineering doesn't support any subject area generation nor placing tables within given subject area. We know that the placing tables in subject areas by hand takes time. This is the only way right now.