Display Role attributes on LDM diagrams

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Is there any way to display the reference attribute(s) on links in a logical datamodel ?
When creating a reference between tables the associated link attribute (role) is not shown in the table layout

Example:  Modelling a Customer table with a CountryOfBrth  role referencing a CountryTable , the CountryOfBirth attribute is not displayed on the diagram ... this is confusing

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Unfortunately there is no such possibility. We will consider to add this in the feature. So I move this topic from Questions to Ideas.

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Hi @Jaroslaw!

Is there a way to link this idea to previous ideas?

This feature has been requested a couple of times before... For me, a logical model draws its real value from semantics which resides in relationship roles. So if they are not directly visible at a first glance, it looses most of its magic!

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Unfortunately there is no better way to link other issues/ideas in our support tool.

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