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marking sensitive column/table in Vertabelo

Seyhmus Altun 3 år siden opdateret 3 år siden 2


Is there a solution and/or best practise for marking PII (sensitive) columns in Vertabelo Modelling diagram? 

Thanks in advance. Regards

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What do you mean by marking? Do you mean making them easy to recognize on diagram?
If it is a table you can change it's fill color. Please check the Format section in the right properties pane:

However, if you want to color columns in someway it is not possible right now. We have it on our roadmap. Estimated delivery time is unknown yet.

In terms of best designing practices, I can only forward you to our articles:


Hope this helps,




Thanks for your answer. What I meant was to set an attribute of a column as sensitive column and export this info via API and integrate it to a Data Catalog Product or set a comment on the DB side to handle it as a PII (sensitive column).

If the color (the solution you've mentioned) can be exported (via API or export XML) it will help, but if not then it won't I guess.



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