Model Description Partial Save

Scott Brazier 3 years ago updated by Adam Mościcki 3 years ago 2

After entering a Description under Model Properties and letting the model autosave, the last 1-4 characters in the Description disappear when closing and logging back in to the model. This does not seem to be due to character limits as it occurs at different lengths:

  • "Database for XXX XXXX Application" saves as "Database for XXX XXXX Applicatio"
  • "XXX XXXX Application Database" becomes "XXX XXXX Application Data"
  • "XXX XXXX Database" becomes "XXX XXXX Databas"

Editing something else in the model and saving again does not solve the problem. This is related to the "Model Description" bug I posted a year ago.


Hello Scott,

Thank you for detailed description. We have managed to reproduce the error.

We will fix it ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.