postgresql types

Chris Santero 10 years ago updated by David Henley 6 years ago 6
Are you planning on supporting postgresql JSON, enum, and array types?
Under review
JSON type is supported. Just type 'json' in the column type field by hand. Type selection popup contains only the most common used types.

We don't plan supporting enum and array types at this moment. But you can also type them manually in the column type field and they will appear correctly in generated SQL script.
Thanks for great product, guys. Surely, one can do without enum support, but right now entering 'enum' as type result in huge yellow warning "Type is not supported by chosen database engine", which is kinda distracting for perfectionists.

Is there any update on supporting PostgreSQL types? It would be nice not to have warnings when manually typing the types.

Whats the update on this? ENUM support without warnings is essential. 

What about an option to suppress warnings?