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BUG - Oops we've got a problem. Something went wrong ...

SANDEEP MOHNALKAR 3 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Adam Mościcki 3 jaar geleden 5

I keep getting the error "Oops we've got a problem. Something went wrong ..."
I keep losing my changes made to the models.  
This is causing problems and I am unable to function.



Do you have any update on this issue?  It is causing delays to our project.  This is high priority.



We are investigate the issue. In the meantime, Could you please send to us some more information?

1. What is your scenario of using the modeler? What steps can reproduce the bug?

2. What OS and browser do you use? Have you tried using different browser?

3. Do you have any ad-blocking extensions installed?

4. Do you have any firewall software or are you behind a corporate firewall?

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My answers below:

1. Open the Model https://my.vertabelo.com/model/kVeVbnHmra7sqYjzaJaTtWuaUySROIj6 and add a table and wait for 3 minutes for the error to pop

2. MacOS Catalina


4. I am not sure if I am behind the corporate firewall.  


Based on logs I dug it looks like you are moving a table before the error occurs. Is it true? Is there any specific table causing the problem?

We can't reproduce the error. Only 2 cases we tracked occurred for MacOs + Chrome configuration. Could you please try to use Safari Browser?

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