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Copy relationships along with table shortcut

Kent Graziano 9 ár síðan updated by Jack Polkowski 9 ár síðan 5
When I do a copy and past shortcut for multiple tables that are related, it should automatically show the relationships between those tables. Now it looks like I must create a 2nd relationship between the shortcut tables.
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I'm not quite sure if this would be desired behavior. Now, what you copy is what you paste. If you select tables and relationships, they will all be pasted as a shortcut. When you select only tables, you paste tables and nothing more.

If relationships would be pasted even if not selected, then it could be annoying for those who don't want the relationships between those table shortcuts. They would need to manually delete all the references to get what they want.
I see. I missed that. That was really what I was expecting for the behavior. I was not able to figure out how to select multiple tables. When I tried it did not look like they were selected. I will try again.

Not a bug
I was not able to figure out how to select multiple tables.
You can do this in two ways.
One is to use a tool to select an area:

The other way is to select elements with Ctrl pressed.
When they're selected, just copy (ctrl+c) and paste as shortcut (ctrl+k).
Hi Kent,
I hope you noticed that holding Ctrl button pressed you can add individual objects (tables and references) to your selection.