A SaaS Subscription Data Model

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Hey guys,

in the example SaaS Subscription Database Model from Emil Drkušić, 

is there any connection between the user group type in the Users and Groups section and the user group type in the Software and plans section? 

My question is about the min/max members in both entitys.

If there is a company user group type in usergroup section with 1-10 users, must the same number of users be specified in the user group Type: Software? 

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user_group_type in Users and Groups and user_group_type in Software and plans are the same table. It is shown twice in the diagram in two different sections but both represenations refer to the same table in the database. We've used the table shortcut feature of Vertabelo. You can read more about table shortcuts here:  https://vertabelo.com/blog/vertabelo-feature-shortcut-tables/

Thanks for reply :)

Another Question.

each company that creates a "user_group" creates a "user_group" available for its company that applies to the subscription?

i understand that a number of members must be assigned to a "user_group_software" to ensure that, for example, only 5 users have access to the basic plan.
But what about the number of members of a "user_group" in the user management? Is the same number of users assigned for "user_group_user" as in "user_group_software"?
If so, do we need to create a new user_group_user with the same number of users as in user_group_software for each plan provided?