ERD (without attributes)

Rishi uttam 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

I have been tasked to create 

  • ERD
  • Logical ERD

For the ERD, it s my understanding that it doesn't need to have attributes, just table names and relationships, with dotted cardinality. 
- Is it possible to create square boxes with entity names without any attributes?

- Is it possible to show the cardinality with dotted lines?

- My guess is that Vertabelo shows "FULL ERD" with all attributes, but is it possible to show a simplified version showing only the entity tables -- I am not sure what type of UML this is called.

Thank you


Ad1. Yes you can design a model without any attributes.

Ad2. You may change notation. Please see this blog post: https://vertabelo.com/blog/how-to-change-diagram-notation/

Ad3. There is no way to change how many details are displayed on the diagram.

Thank you, in this regard, you mean to say that I cannot create a simple ERD diagram that only shows entities (without attributes) currently I can leave out the attributes, but there isn't a was to show a single rectangle entity with Vertabelo?