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When creating an association between two entities, it is not possible to specify the future primary key of the association.

For an 0..N cardinality, the entities identifiers will be added as foreign keys into the association table, but then the physical model must be edited to add the primary key of the associative table.

This will have to be done every time the the logical model is updated.

An alternative way would be able to update a physical model from an existing logical model.

Thoughts ?

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I am not sure if I understand you correctly, do you mean a logical model which looks like this?

Image 1282

and results with:

Image 1283


Thanks for the quick answer !

What I mean is for this logical model :

Image 1284

I would want to specify the identifier of the association 'details' to generate this physical model directly : 

Image 1285


Hello Pierre,

I have dug into the problem and found out that it is possible to make PKs.

To make the identifier for the association you need to set it as a dependent in the "association relationship" view. However, there is a bug which makes it impossible. The checkbox is untickable right now.

Image 1288

We will deploy the fix next week.

Best regards,


That's great thanks ! 

Also, is it possible to name the future foreign keys ?

Right now it is generating fk names like tablename_tablecolumn, but sometime I might just want the tablecolumn instead.



We are going to add a feature, which allows users to set their patterns for name creation.
I believe It's on our roadmap for this year.

Best regards,

Nice. I'm spreading Vertabelo around and to my students, I hope it will bring you new users, the tool is great !

I guess you can close this ticket, it's all good on my side.


Hi Pierre,

We have fixed the untickable Dependant option. You should be able to set it and have Primary Key generated.

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