Table Shorcut not Working for Physical Models

Robby Ciliberto 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

When trying to make a physical model, I cannot make use of table shortcuts. The option to create a shortcut does not appear when right clicking a table and dragging the table from the navigation pane does nothing either. This issue does not occur when making a logical model, however.

Using Google Chrome on Mac with no extensions enabled. My account is an educational account if that makes a difference.

Image 1328


Hello Robby,

Thank you for reporting this. I confirm that there is a bug in these area. Add table shortcut option should be available also in academic account plan. We have added this issue to our development backlog.

Best regards,

Great! Thanks for looking into it. I'm glad I could put this issue on your radar. Please keep me informed about the resolution. I am excited to try this feature of the modeler.