Free text document

Brian Beijaard 1 week ago 0

Please add the option to create a free text document, besides the current option of a Logical data model, a Physical data model and an SQL script. I need one ore more free text documents to have a Glossary, a list of outstanding Questions, a Description of an entire project etc. A note is not suitable for this. It is typical text that I do not want to put IN a diagram. It is too big and likely to be applicable for multiple diagrams.

My idea is to have a folder for every project, and within I have one or more ERD, accompanied with free text documents with my thoughts, assumptions, questions, definition of used words. I grant access to this documents to my project members.

A free text document can be a simple, straight forward text editor/container. Plain text is a minimal requirement, basic formatting such as bold, italic, underline would be great. Anything more, such as hyperlink, would be wonderful.