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Open the web page is very slow or collapse,help me!

johnny xyz 8 ár síðan updated by anonymous 8 ár síðan 2

Recently when I try to open your website, most of times it returns errors.For example,"bad request" or "can't get access".

I have a payed account and my position is in mainland China.

Please help.Thank you.

I checked what happened that day when you created this issue.

If it's about errors (like "bad request" or "can't get access"), they were caused by more than one opened session. The first one was from Windows (authentication with login and password) and the second one from Mac OS X (authentication via autologin cookie - "Remember me on this computer"). Vertabelo allows only one active user session at the time. Please make sure that your account is used only on one computer at the time.

I can confirm that there was some kind of application performance problem. Some requests from your browser lasted even more than 10 seconds. However, requests from other users were much faster and most of them lasted no longer than 2 seconds. Such problems may be caused not only by application problems, but also by external problems like Internet connection, browser and its extensions, etc.

Does this happen often or is it incidental?