Better drag support when relation is already selected

Grzegorz Kaczor 9 years ago updated by Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 4 years ago 2
Image 219

I have a situation where I want to tidy and layout a big database diagram. In the picture above, I selected a reference. Now I want to drag it to the left. But every time I try to drag it it gets unselected, and:
- either nothing gets selected,
- or some of the neighboring references gets selected.

I would suggest improving the selection process so that when I click mouse button and hold, it does not trigger selection of references. Instead, selection should happen at mouse up event. This way I could easily drag the selected reference even if it is in a very 'crowded' place.

Under review
Thank you for the idea. So far no one has complained about the drag support for references. I will keep the issue open so other users can upvote if they experience the same problem.