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Raymond Roelands 10 years ago updated by Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 9 years ago 14
To print my models it would be nice to export to PDF and select paper size and orientation.
If the model covers multiple pages it would be nice to show the lines on the screen so tables can be moved around and aren't split over 2 pages
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We've made Vertabelo to make prints obsolete. Sharing in read-only mode instead of printing is the Vertabelo way. We don't have a plan to support nice PDF now.   There is a PNG support already.  Question is: "Why do you need PDFs?"
For larger models it's nice to have a print spread over multiple pages (A3) When printing you don't want to have a table over 2 pages.
I said we don't have plan to support now but it fueled lively discussion here in the office :)  Let's keep this topic open. Please share your ideas/requirements here.
I was ready to sign up for the Vertabelo service. It's a great online modeling tool, however, seeing that I really cannot print my models has discouraged me from signing up. I can create very large models that span multiple pages. We print these on a plotter so we can hang them up in departments in order to have discussions and give people an idea of the design. If I can't do that, I can't use the modeling tool ... That simple. Also leads me to the question as to how large your work area can actully be. In other modeling tools there is no limit ... you just keep adding pages and they have a print function that can go to a plotter. Any serious modeling project needs this in my experience. You have to be able to step back in a room with mutliple people and talk to a model sometimes. A large screen can't possibly do that ...
I know this isn't exactly what you asked for but Vertabelo has some feature which help you manage large diagrams: subject areas (smart named rectangles), table shortcuts and so on. Here is the video which explains the features in some detail. (The features are available in the Basic and Premium account plan, but you can play with them in the trial versions as well.)

As for printing, the question keeps reoccuring so I think we will do that some time in the future. Though no dates have been specified yet.
Another poimt might be that the native export to PDF would be useful if you are creating a solution for a customer and for maintenance/hand-over purposes need to deliver documentation to them. If you have to integrate the design as PNGs in your own PDFs it will never be of the same quality as when you can do a direct export and have control over the formatting and layout to best suit the design.
We've added printing (export to PDF). This feature is available for Basic, Premium and Company accounts. Just click on the "Printer" icon on the toolbar. Enjoy :)
Hello,  our diagram is big, 120 tables.  When exporting to PDF we get 32 pages and we want to place them on the wall,   but it is hard to put them all together.   It would be nice to generate one file to print with a plotter.  For us is very important to have the big diagram on the wall so the developers take a look at it.

The biggest format that we suppport now is B2 (500x707mm). In your case choosing that format give you about 10 pages and I hope reduce your pain. Unfortunately we can't support bigger format at this moment due to some performance problems.

Review of PDF print implementation is scheduled for January 2015. Stay tuned.