I'd like to learn more about the cardinality & its representation in Vertabelo

Riji Varghese 8 years ago updated by Jack Polkowski 8 years ago 2

Hi Team,

I too wanted to know more on the cardinality & its representation in Vertabelo.Could you please help with some kind of documentation.

Thank you


Hi Riji!

Since you are not the only person who asked us this question, we decided to write an article on crow's foot notation and its variation used in Vertabelo. The article will be published on our blog in a few weeks. If you would like to be up to date with our publications, follow us on Twitter.

Best regards!

Hi again!

I just want you to know that we published a blog article describing how the crow's foot notation was implemented in Vertabelo. I hope you will find the answers for your questions there: