Take over hosting of Vertabelo JOOQ integration

Aner Perez 8 років тому оновлено Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 8 років тому 7

The recent schema changes to the Vertabelo model XML cause the jOOQ code generator to fail to detect primary keys on tables in the model. Furthermore, jOOQ issue #5113 was created to remove the jOOQ-Vertabelo integration from jOOQ in the upcoming version 3.8.

It would be highly beneficial if Vertabelo could take over the maintenance of this plugin in their own repository as suggested in the GitHub issue. As it currently stands the generated code is missing update functionality because of the inability to detect primary keys.

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We'll take over of it. We're going to extract functionality from jOOQ to an external artiract. I'll notice you when it will be available for testing.



Here is a jOOQ plugin:


It works against newest development version of jOOQ (3.8-SNAPSHOT). It's not released yet. There is no JAR file in any public repository. You'll have to pull it and compile yourself.

Hi Rafał,

Thanks for taking over the maintenance for the vertabelo-jooq code generator!

Unfortunately, at the time this code was written, jOOQ 3.8.0 was not yet ready so it was done against a 3.8-SNAPSHOT. Between this snapshot and the official 3.8.0, some internal jOOQ changes were made that broke the build for vertabelo-jooq. I created a pull request on GitHub a couple of months ago so the code would build against jOOQ 3.8.0 (still works for 3.8.4) but the changes were never accepted and no more updates have been made to the repository.

It would be nice if this code was updated to work with jOOQ 3.8.x (see pull request) and even better if it was published to Maven Central so it could be easily included as a dependency for a project.

Hi Aner,

Thanks for a patch and sorry for a delay. We've been busy in other areas. I've merged your changes.