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Vertabelo Client

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I am trying to connect my postgres installed local on my Mac running OSX with the Vertabelo Client software. When I download the Vertabelo Client OSX see it as a text document, so I can not install it. The link to the manual is dead: https://my.vertabelo.com/db-connection#

Hope some one can help.



Thanks it worked :-)

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Vertabelo Client is distributed as a single binary file. After download please make it executable. Please open the "Terminal" and execute following command:

chmod +x ~/Downloads/vertabelo-client-1_0-darwin_amd64

Yes, this may be odd for Mac users. We've got a plan to distribute it as a typical Mac app.

Hope it helps.

OK, one more question.

How do I change my credentials to the Vertabelo Client?


Vertabelo Client uses the same user/pass as my.vertabelo.com web application.

If you what to change the password:

1. sign in https://my.vertabelo.com

2. Click "My Account" on the to menu

3. Click "Change password" in the "Authentication data" section


I cannot execute the vertabelo client on my local machine. It pops up the following screen:


If you see this message it's working. Please visit http://localhost:32510 to see client status page.

Hope it helps