I want to revert to a free plan and cannot delete models to get the total back down to 3

Uri Katz fa 8 anys updated by Jack Polkowski fa 8 anys 4

I used the basic trial period which expired

Satisfaction mark by Uri Katz fa 8 anys


Unfortunately, you cannot revert to a free account plan because we do not offer it any longer.

If you need to download your models as SQL files, you can now log in since I extended your trial period till December 17, 2015.

Hi Uri!

Today your trial will expire. Do you need a few days more?

Thank you for your support. I downloaded the files today and no longer need my account. I enjoyed using Vertabelo but cannot currently afford your pricing.

OK, I understand that.

You must know that we are considering restoring a free plan so it is very likely that in a few months you will be able to sign up for a free account plan again. We will announce it on Twitter, so consider following us.

Best regards and... see you soon!