Reference lines

Ken Gillett 10 year бұрын updated by anonymous 9 year бұрын 4
How can I add a 'joint' into a link line between tables?

Once a single straight line has been drawn, it's hard to add a joint to enable a right angle in the line. Then it seems impossible to add a second joint as that the line can turn 180 degrees. It IS possible for a line to have 2 joints as I have somehow created at least one, but I can't see how to add such a joint to another line that currently e.g. only has 1.

Probably a keyboard shortcut, but I can't figure what it is.


This feature has already been done. For more details, please take a look at this comment: http://support.vertabelo.com/topic/603625-relationship-lines/#comment-1066773
Under review
This feature is on our roadmap. It will be deployed at the end of September.
Would really like to see this feature as well - very challenging to manage reference line right angles currently.

After further review of this question, it would appear that you deployed a solution in September. If this is the case; what is the fix?