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lost tables and notes during internet connection fails

tamer mendonca 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2


yesterday during the day my internet connection failed 3 times. In all these fails I was using vertabelo creating tables and writing notes. I dont know how and when but I believe abrupt disconnection could had damaged my vertabelo tables.

I've checked the versions of your model. They are incremental, I haven't found any version with significantly less tables or notes than a previous one. You can see all the model versions yourself at the "Model details" page. This means that your changes to the model were never saved.

I also see that you logged into Vertabelo on May 25, but there's no model version on this day. I checked logs and they say that there were 3 tries to save a model, but none of them contained any change. These tries were at:
- 2016-05-25 20:23:54 UTC
- 2016-05-25 20:29:25 UTC
- 2016-05-25 20:33:40 UTC

We do react to the loss of a connection. If a save operation doesn't succeed, we show "Oops" page. Just tested and it works.

I don't see any trace of loss. Can you please provide any more details? When exactly did this happen? How many tables were lost (not saved)? How long is the time period missing?