How to import and export db design image? For trial period I'm not able to export image

sachin singh 8 years ago updated by Jack Polkowski 8 years ago 1

I'm using Vertabelo for trial. I create db design but I'm not able to see how to export or import db image. I can see icon for export but it's not working and is there any import db design facility in vertabelo.


Hi Sachin!

You have registered for a basic trial plan which has some limitations compared to a premium plan, e.g., you can't save your database model as a PDF file, neither import an existing database structure from your SQL file.

In a basic plan, you can reverse engineer your database to get an XML file with the db structure, and then import that file to Vertabelo as your initial model. Besides, you can save your model as an SQL, or PNG file. That's all.

Obviously, in a premium plan you can do far more, e.g., import an SQL file to Vertabelo to continue working on your existing project.

I have just switched your trial plan to premium so you could take full advantages of all Vertabelo's features.

Note, that if you want to import SQL/XML file, you must do it when creating a new database model:

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards and enjoy Vertabelo!