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Allow for sharing a link directly, instead of going via E-Mail

Lukas Eder 9 lat temu zaktualizowano 9 lat temu 9

Currently, it seems as though I can share a model only via E-Mail. In Google Docs, or Dropbox, items can be shared with anyone by generating a link with a token, which I can then use however I please.

Would be great if that were possible (unless I'm missing something, and it already is?)

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It looks like you missed "Public link" option on "Model details" page. When you create a public link, you can share it or even embed a model on your site.

Is this what you're looking for?

Ah, one significant difference here. Public link is a way to share a model in read-only mode. There's no possibility to share a link in edit mode.

Hmm, for some reason I hadn't seen this link. And for some reason it was inactive (perhaps because I shared via E-Mail?) and when I unshared, the diagram was lost, is this possible?

You have to be owner of a model to be able to create a public link. You could have been an editor and probably that's why the button was inactive.

If you unshared a model then you no longer have access to it. Unshare means "I don't want to share it anymore." So yes, you revoked your access to the model. An owner must share it with you once again so that you have access to the model.

Oh, that's what it was! It's probably a bug in a way. I've created my model with my user lukas.eder@datageekery.com. Then I shared it to lukas.eder@gmail.com. I opened the share in the same browser session, and then unshared it, when it disappeared.

Sorry for the confusion in this "idea". I still hope the feedback is helpful.

I took a look to our database and I see only one invitation to a model sent to lukas.eder@gmail.com

This model is still shared with lukas.eder@datageekery.com and it's the only sharing user.

How did you "unshare it"? What do you mean by "diagram was lost" or "it disappeared"? You cannot see the model on the dashboard?

OK, I managed to reproduce it. Yes, it's a bug. Since you opened a share in the same browser session (it's crucial for a bug reproduction) it's a kind of "share with myself but on a different level of ownership." Subtle, but still a bug. Thanks.

If you remember a name of a model, I can re-attach it to your account.

No worries about the "lost" model. It was trivial, and imported from DDL. Thank you very much for looking into this!