How to convert a database model from one database engine to another?

In Vertabelo, each database model is assigned to a specific database, one out of seven supported by our application (in alphabetical order: HSQLDB, IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server). You must choose a database engine when you are creating a new model or uploading an existing database structure to Vertabelo. After that, you cannot change it, even when configuring an SQL script generation.

Although Vertabelo doesn’t provide a direct conversion of a data model from one database engine to another, this can be easily done in a few simple steps:

  1. save your current model as an XML file (use the “Export model as XML file” icon from the top menu bar)
  2. create a new model (when setting up the model, choose a new database engine you want to use for your design, and then upload an XML file as your initial model)
  3. correct all data type incompatibilities (if there are any)
That’s all. Your model has been migrated to the new database engine.

If you want more detailed instruction with screenshots, just click here.

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