How to share the model with others?

Find a model you want to share, right-click on it and pick Share....

Image 899

You may also use the sharing icon from the top bar: Image 900

If you want to share your model or review who has access to it, then from the context menu mentioned above select Share..., and the following pop-up will show up.

Image 901

You may change the type of access for a given user by clicking the pencil icon, and selecting the right option. You may also revoke the access simply by clicking on the X button.

To grant access for new users simply start typing their e-mail address (or name) into the field, pick the correct role (from the list on the right), decide whether they need a notification about this (the Notify people checkbox) and if this notification should contain a personal message (click on the Add personal message, and type it in).

Sharing roles

When sharing a model in Vertabelo, you may decide which role an user will get. These are the options:

  • Is owner – will grant full access (control over sharing, editing, etc.)
  • Can edit – will grant access only for editing but the user won't be able to change the sharing options nor publish the model on the web.
  • Can view – the user can do nothing but view the model.

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