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Disable scroll to zoom

Nima Jalali 8 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Austin Kurtz 6 lat temu 8
I use a magic mouse and constantly zoom in and out.

Any way to disable scroll to zoom? 
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There is no way to disable the zoom now but we'll soon add it. Thanks for the suggestion. I have awarded you 3 bonus points for this request. You can read more about our bonus points program here: http://www.vertabelo.com/bonus-points
Now you can disable/enable scroll to zoom. Just go to the section Preferences in "My account" module. 
Awesome! I was just going to request this feature. Just downloaded Vertabelo yesterday and started playing. I will most certainly be getting a paid plan. Very slick! I just found ActiveForms too. I'll be taking a look at that tomorrow.
Essential I'd say. Wish I could turn it off in Google Maps, it's a nightmare.

Anyway, could we also have an option to allow scrolling instead - that's what mouse scrolling should be used for.
Thanks - my magic mouse was killing me!

THANK GOODNESS. The two-finger scrolling on my Mac trackpad was insanely sensitive and making the app nearly unusable. That was the only thing standing between me and a paid plan. Thanks for implementing this!